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In the Kitchen with Dana

A resource offering recipes, insights into food, and quality products that we love.

And We Love Food.

Our website offers recipes, insights, tips to making and preparing food,
and quality products that we love.
We shop all over the USA looking for things we already use in our homes, and products from small vendors that sell at their own local farmers markets or stores.

We all need to eat to stay healthy. In The Kitchen With Dana provides resources for the food that keeps your body healthy, and the comfort foods that keep your mind healthy. 


Whether you are making a salad with no heating involved or a full turkey dinner, we are here to put your fears to rest so you can achieve the best possible outcome. Sometimes we fail at cooking, and take-out isn't always the answer. 
We tell our students that failure is sometimes inevitable. 
Because when we fail, we learn.
Learn to grow from your mistakes. 
Cooking is constantly changing; new equipment, foods, recipes, and methods. Even well trained Executive Chefs fail at times. Sometimes in order to get a recipe just right, it needs to be tested over and over until you're satisfied. But a chef doesn't give up and settle for mediocre dishes, they keep taking steps to improve and make the dish better.
The best chefs take the additional steps and become winners.
With our recipes and guidance as a source, you'll learn as much from us as you do from yourself. After all, experience is the best teacher.  
So don't give up on cooking. We are here to help.
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Dana Calicchio

is a Chef, Teacher, Mother, Wife, and Friend.

She started cooking at a very early age, when her parents would go to work in their restaurants in New Jersey, USA, they brought their children with them. Playing "Restaurant" was a daily game that Dana played with her brother and cousins (usually out of the way of the kitchen or customers). Her learning how to cook was an extended family affair.
As an adult she and her husband moved to Southern California, where she took courses from culinary schools, and catered events and parties for clients, friends, or secular jobs she had outside the food industry. 
After moving from California to North Carolina, she worked as a Private Chef and Personal Chef, and was the Chef/Teacher at Williams-Sonoma teaching  cooking classes and demonstrating products.
She now resides in Marietta, Georgia, USA with her family where she continues teaching cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma in East Cobb.
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