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Due to Covid-19, in person classes have been put on hold until further notice.
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If you love food, you should love cooking...

All life forms need fuel to keep living. Plants need water and other nutrients. Animals need food to grow and survive. So do Humans. In fact, if a human goes without water or food, they will die.
We live in a world full of food, natural and otherwise... Some can go hiking and live off the land, picking their food from plants or trees, or killing an animal or fish they come in contact with, prepare it and cook it. But many can't even fathom the thought of doing any of this in their own home, much less out in nature.
That's where we come in.
I teach cooking classes at Williams Sonoma. I have been cooking food since before I started 1st Grade. I have been teaching cooking for almost 3 decades. I have worked as a private chef, a personal chef, In restaurants, in my own Catering business, as a Private Chef/ Teacher is clients own homes, and since 2007 as a Chef/Teacher at Williams Sonoma. There is no greater satisfaction to me than to have a student thank you for helping them achieve their goals and perfect their abilities. The first time a student told me their Thanksgiving Turkey was the hit of their holiday dinner party, juicy and delicious and all their guests were amazed and loved every bite, I cried. I cried because I gave someone the tools and direction to succeed at something so easy to me, but so unimaginable to them, and they took it all in and did exactly as they were taught. The end result was I helped someone not only cook for a day, but cook for a lifetime. It is like the saying "Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for life."
In my classes I tell my students that cooking should be fun and enjoyable. If you make a mistake, learn from it. As humans, we are not perfect. We will make mistakes. But if we keep making the same mistakes, we never grow. Learn from our mistakes, Be happy of your mistakes. But change your path, be it your ingredients or tools, and make it better. If you fail again, try again. Don't give up till you succeed! And as long as you change your path, you will achieve greatness. It might be in your first attempt, or your 10th. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!
It took me years to learn how to make a decent loaf of bread. And then one day, it all clicked. Some of the greatest chefs are bad at baking. Some are great bakers, but can't cook.
I cook and bake. So if you are apprehensive about cooking or baking, but really want to attempt it, take one of my classes.
The knife skills classes are great for anyone who isn't sure how to hold a knife properly, or what is the difference in knives, am I using the right one? What is a chiffonade, how to cut an onion, how to slice, dice, etc. These classes are great for beginners and all levels of cooks. Why is it important to have a sharp knife? Come to one of the classes and find out.
The free classes are extremely informative and always fun. You will walk away with fresh new ideas, and sample the food.
The paid classes you will still get the information, have fun, sample foods we prepare. They may be more hands on depending on class size or recipe, and usually has a gift to go home with. It can be the book we used for the recipes, a great knife, or a cake pan. The cost of the class is sometimes cheaper than the gift you will receive, so if you need a Great new knife, the paid class may be for you.
So plan on attending a class today. Below are some of the upcoming classes I will be teaching. But there are more classes that Williams Sonoma offers, so check out their website at      https://www.williams-sonoma.com/pages/store-events/cooking-classes-events/    too.
Or call and schedule your spot at:
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