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Welcome Potential Vendors

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming one of our valuable vendors.
If you currently sell online in your own store, or at Farmers Markets, or to other customers in a brick and mortar store front , we want to hear from you.
Our Goal is to unite food and kitchen item artisan vendors from all over the USA to In The Kitchen With Dana, so customers can see what is offered in each state and pick products they are interested in but have never had the opportunity or ability to travel to the State or have never found the products online or otherwise.
If you have a product that you feel may be a good fit, and after we receive your application, if we approve your application to submit your product(s), we will need to see the product and shipping materials you use to ship products, you will need to package the item and ship it to us as if we are a customer.
This is to ensure our customer is getting a quality product.
If you sell a food item, we will need any certifications from your State, City, County that you may have allowing you to produce food items (FDA approvals, health department certifications to approve food production, etc.) in this application and along with the food item sent in your packaging to us.
All of this is to ensure quality products.
The items and packaging should only be shipped to us on approval of application, at your expense.
Items will be tested by us and used to the fullest and will not be returned to vendor unless the vendor is denied by us and requests the item back in the used condition at the vendors expense.

Before you begin, please read requirements.

Thank you for applying to be one of our trusted vendors.
We take the food we prepare, buy, and sell along with the other products we offer at
very seriously. In order to avoid any confusion with products, please complete a separate application for each product you want for us to consider.
1. Please allow us up to 5 business days to approve or disapprove your application. If your application is approved, we will contact you via email with information about submitting your product for further review.
2. If you are approved, we will send you an email with instructions to provide us with a sample within a timely manner.
3. Your sample should be packaged and shipped exactly as you do for your own current customers. We want to see exactly what and how the customer will receive when they purchase an item. This is important.
4. You are the designer, manufacturer, and shipper. However, you will be required to include us as the seller on package and invoice.
5. Your price should include the following: Your wholesale price and should include packaging in the price and shipping. We offer free shipping to our customers so there are no surprises to the customer.
6. We add 25 % to the wholesale price, please do not submit application if you sell your item for less than the combined price. 
If you agree to the terms, please fill out the application. 
Customer service is an art these days. We believe customers and vendors deserve to be treated with respect. Please also show our employees respect with allowing ample time to process your application which should take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days.