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Tiramisu with Strawberries and Grated Chocolate


Recipe Courtesy of Chef Dana Calicchio

I developed this recipe years ago when a recipe for a Strawberry Tiramisu with shaved chocolate appeared in a magazine. Mascarpone Cheese that is traditionally used in Classic Tiramisu was unavailable in everyday grocery stores back then or if you could find it, it was around $12 for 4 oz. container. This recipe was a cheaper alternative and actually tasted better.

Every time I have made this dessert, it has disappeared. And no one ever knew it was regular cream cheese instead of the costly mascarpone. In Fact, people that knew what consisted in making a classic tiramisu always complemented me on how great the mascarpone tasted…

I like using Kalua in the soaking liquid for its coffee flavor and Marsala in the cream filling for the classic taste. This is what happens when you live in California and have access to foods of the world

If I use chocolate bars or blocks of chocolate, I like using my KitchenAid Grater attachment or the smallest grater on my

Food Processor to grate the chocolate. It’s faster, safer, and easier.

However, the Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate mix that you can only get from Thanksgiving to Christmas is pure Shaved Chocolate that saves time and tastes so so good.

Use what you can find or have on hand if you can’t find the hot chocolate mix or it is spring or summer. I buy extra cans of the hot chocolate to use for this later in the year and hide it from the kids…

Cream Filling

2  8 OZ PKGS Cream Cheese, room temperature

1 1/3 Cup Powdered Sugar

1/3 cup Marsala or Kalua

3 Cups Heavy Cream

Soaking Liquid for Lady Fingers

3 Pkgs Lady fingers

1/4 Cup Kalua

¾ Cup hot water

2 Tablespoons powdered sugar

2 1/2 Tablespoons Espresso Powder

Ingredients To Build the Dessert

1 cup or more Grated Chocolate or

  Hot Chocolate from Williams Sonoma

2 Pints Strawberries, cleaned and sliced

(Leave Largest Strawberry for Garnish)

Tiramisu with Strawberries and Grated Chocolate, con’t.



Make Cream Filling:

Whip Heavy Cream and powdered sugar till stiff, and keeps shape.

Remove to another bowl. You will use 1/3 for cream filling and 2/3 for topping

Place cream cheese in bowl using flat beater and beat until smooth.

Add Marsala, beat well till smooth.

Add 1/3 Whipped cream and mix until blended and smooth.

Make Soaking Liquid:

In a small bowl place Kalua, hot water, powdered sugar, and espresso powder and whisk well to dissolve sugar.

Build Dessert in 9” X 13” X 3” baking dish or Serving dish:

Quickly Dip Lady fingers in Soaking liquid. Do not let cookies stay in long or they will fall apart. We do not want that.

Place cookies along bottom of pan or dish so entire bottom is covers. Cut cookies if you need to fill in spaces.

Place half of Cream filling on top and spread evenly on top of cookies.

Place 1/2 of sliced strawberries evenly on top.

Sprinkle 1/2 of Grated Chocolate or Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate mix on top of Strawberries.

Make another layer of Ladyfinger cookies, dipping into liquid and placing on top of first layer

Again, spread remaining Cream filling evenly, Strawberries, remaining whipped cream and then sprinkle chocolate on top.

Garnish with Large Strawberry.

Cover well and Place in Refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Overnight is best!

Serves 8